For referring doctors

We are happy to accept your referral through Medical Objects, email, or fax.  Alternatively, you can complete our online referral form, below.

If more than one member of a family needs to be seen, we ask that each person needing consultation is named in the referral. For reproductive and prenatal referrals, we ask that you consider referring both members of the couple to help ensure that each person maintains an independent medical record. For paediatric referrals, it can be helpful to refer the parents at the same time for genetic cascade testing and/or reproductive follow-up.

We ask that along with the referral, we are provided  with relevant genetic test results and other investigations carried out. Please ask your patient to bring any relevant paperwork with them to their appointment, including the results of any genetic tests that have occurred in other family members.

All referring doctors will receive correspondence summarising the details of their patient’s visit. We will send you a letter electronically via Medical Objects, email, or via fax. The letter will include our opinion on the genetic diagnosis, plans for  genetic investigation, and/or management recommendations.

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